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Wed Mar 9 09:39:56 2011 UTC (10 years, 4 months ago) by hib
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eyes - the best fucking mosaic out there

1 02_md5_everything goes to /b/eyes, and does md5sum on everything
2 this is used to rename the filenames
5 a.c m- program to change space to |
7 an1.txt
8 an2.txt
9 02_md5.sno - part of 02_md5_everything
10 segragate.sno - used to segragate into 256 directories.
11 capture1.pl - example script to build a wget file list to capture images
12 capture2.pl - example script to build a wget file list to capture images
13 compute_all_averages.sh - sctipt to compute the averages of each file yeah!
14 compute_averages.sh calls convert to finger out the average color of a file.
15 eyes - executable from eyes.c - the main program that does tha main guts
16 makefile - file to build the c parts
17 makemontage.pl - script to build the montage up. needs modifications to tailor to the specific file
18 mkdirs.sh - make 256 direcories for better file management
19 readme.txt this file
20 points - C program to generate points randomly walking around centers of focus. This makes sure that the eyes, face, or foreground
21 is better detailed.
22 prep.pl - this script makes a bunch of white squares in preparation - in case one of the squares goes bad.
23 space_to_bar - program to help process the imagemagic information into a vertical bar field.
24 workeyes.pl - script to produce a script to make the tiles with the right color and everything.
25 workeyes.sh - shell script to do workeyes.
26 flip_flop - C program to evenly distribute files to many files - can be used in a pipe setting with named pipes, which is cool
27 because then we can dynamically distribute work on many cpu's. Gon't forget to have a fast raid 0 disk set though.
28 avar.sno - script to link files from one dir to another. Linking is faster!
30 This orders how we deduct images so that the focal points of the image
31 are most right on color wise.
33 acopy.sno -= to copy things

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