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Mon Nov 30 03:56:31 2015 UTC (4 years, 3 months ago) by hib
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1 Well, ok - looked like crap. The phase was cool to look at.
2 ok_rgb - was asymmetric - and the next variant was beautiful but off center
3 ok_rgb2 was asymmetric - but the vairant was symmetric when the image is desaturated.
4 ok4 - looks like parchment.
5 Obviously, multiplying by 3 - made it the 1440 sweet spot. That means that multiplying by 9
6 and rgbing it will give us symmetric colors. - desaturate a little and we got it?
7 Well that is what I am about to try with ok5
9 ok5 was *9 and it looks crisp as all heck. But there are no color indications, and the pattern is boring. Hmmm.
10 Will try 6 instead.
13 ok6 had 6 times - and desaturated it looks better. We will just do the middle two (and double bottom)
14 and see how it looks
16 ok7 - we have a good starting point - but unfortunately, we cannot get sub-nanometer changed in the phase.
17 Also, the movements don't work too well. - so moving the z back bit by bit, well, it has errors.
18 So, O am thinking about changing the position instead - very slowly - like 43/41 pixels a frame. That way it would go through
19 changes slowly ad it moves down. Or a more drastic thing would be to change the frequency slowly. or both.
22 ok8 - ok - move it really slow and see what happens.
25 ok9 - tried to do a single one at double the resolutiosn - liiked liney
26 in threes -
27 ok10 multiplied by 0.666 so it is just the 3's making detail every two.
28 Looked horrible.
29 The one good thing is that I rediced the amount of shifting of the y coordinate and got better
30 results - less different.
32 so ok11 is from ok8 with the shifting changed, and with only one .grey used.
33 I used s_00024d.fp from ok8
35 So I got so far with this - then the apng failed because some were
36 grey and some were color - so I fixed it by adding a little splash
37 of color - by making timeless in fp_to_txt.
38 Cool enough, but the effect was small.
39 But then I started thinking back to the color in ok3
41 So then on burner, I added the rgb color back in lightly to make it look more pretty.
42 look for redo.pl to see how.

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