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Tue Apr 16 13:59:15 2013 UTC (7 years, 3 months ago) by hib
Branch: MAIN
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Added hpgl2 routines and bitmap_to_hpgl2 - this allows
us to use the vector mode to print out 600 dots per inch
on the hp designjet 600.  It is kind of a folloy, but it is a use of what I have versus what I dont have.
I only made a 36 x 1/2 inch strip so far.  This has no scaling defined so it
should be asolute.  the print area is about 3 inches smaller (or more) than the printer size. Also,  the printer margins is not even.  But hey,
it probably works.

Right now I am testing a 2.3 inch long strip which will take 20 minutes to run.
And then there is the question of if the plotter can handle millions
of vector commands - which we just don't know yet.
If it can't then there might be a way to send it in blocks - I guess blocks of 12 million or so because that is the memory size of the plotter I got.

1 /* $Revision$
3 $Log$
5 */
7 void hpgl2_init();
8 void hpgl2_point(int x,int y);
9 void hpgl2_finish();

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