This serves up open repositories that are GPL'd for the benefit of the world. for viewing all the repositories.

There will be many pieces of software being released, at various stages of development. And we also allow others to contribute. This server is ssh/cvs based, and available for changes upon request.

Please email h at k i l l e r c o o l dot net for more info.


Fake Identity Generator
A system to build a complete set of 260 million fake identities for the entire United States. Also generates 60 Million fake identities for the United Kingdom. This was used to make the website and similar sites to protect peoples real identity. Requires bar_database.

Bar Database
A set of routines to manipulate a nosql database made up of vertical bar separated files. Has binary seach, and hash search capabilities. Also has a incredibly fast sorting algorithm - 15 times faster than fsort for large files.

SAP Pooled table viewer
This application exists because of a conversation with Jay Hoskins, a very intelligent consultant who worked with me at Woodward Governor Company. When looking for a new enterprise solution, Jay complained about the SAP system, being that it was designed to keep things proprietary. It could use Oracle databases, or Sybase, or it's own, which was designed to allow for checking off a requirement on any RFP. But SAP would store tables in a convoluted format, which meant that the standard database tools and integrations could not be used.
Forward to 2008, when I was consulting at another company using SAP. Sure enough, the pooled tables kept users from being able to run queries directly on the database. It was considered a "no-no".
I spent many months figuring out the internal structure of pooled tables, which esentially is a cobol pic format, and wrote views that convert the data to a standard list that can be queried without using ABAP.
First designed to be a product, I converted it to open source around 2012. The software dynamically assays the SAP installation, so it should be able to handle customized installations.

Eyes graphics generator
Eyes is a set of routines used to make high resolution graphic art. This includes a high speed C based, and higher speed OpenCL based generator fo computer generated holograms - based on the sofware published at the Cortical Cafe .
The software is varied, with some using streams of numbers in text files, and later versions using the ImageMagick library, Art can be generated.

Examples of the artwork created with eyes can be seen at